Online Memory Games – World Famous Memory Games Which Can Boost Your Memory Power

Want to refresh your memory or want to check how good your memory is? Then the answer is online memory games. The games available online are vast and come in wide range of variety that encompass all age groups.

According to some studies done by University of California and Los Angeles it was revealed that Internet surfing will initiate important functions of the brain- decision-making as well as logical reasoning ability and indeed they have found that it is a better option as compared to reading a book.

Women are known for multitasking abilities and it could be one reason why they are less sufferers of memory loss diseases and ailments. Multitasking with new challenges offer great boost to the brain. Studies show that people involved in solving puzzles or crosswords on a daily basis are less prone to Alzheimer’s too. That will give you the right signal. Want to know more? Read on…

Memory Games That Require Concentration

Online memory games offer games that demand a certain amount of focus and concentration memory is one such game. The instructions for the game are simple; you need to flip two cards with similar shapes and if you click the matching pair you score and it is an แทงบอลออนไลน์ advantage to finish the game in less time. The game has a difficulty level up to 9 and you can increase or decrease the level. There is also an indication of the number of attempts you made to recognise and match the pairs. Memory match games such as colour match or picture match games also help in improving your memory skills.

Audio Memory Games

Online games feature audio memory games that help in improving memory by listening to sounds or music. The requirement of these games is to identify and match similar sounding words or music. This exercise helps you hear to the sound with attention and also improves short-term memory.

Card Memory Games

Pexeso or Pairs is a card game in which the cards are placed face down and on each turn the player is supposed to click two cards until you match all the pairs. It is an ideal game for children as it helps them to sharpen memory. Even adults will enjoy this game because it is stimulating and challenging.

Online memory games are available abundance that will be helpful for all age groups. Apart from these online games you have Simon memory games that are equally popular. Games such as Color Blaster, Pool Profi, Word search, Find the suspect are useful in charging your memory batteries. Play any of these games daily for at least 10-15 minutes and see the difference.